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David Willam Sherrer
David William Sherrer

Welcome to davidwilliamsherrer.com, a website illustrating the inspiring career of David William Sherrer, a Florida resident and well-known engineer, inventor, and business owner. During his career, Mr. Sherrer has founded notable manufacturing companies such as ACT MicroDevices, Haleos, and Nuvotronics while also serving on the advisory board of the prominent engineering institution, Virginia Tech. David William Sherrer is known throughout the business and manufacturing industry for his specialization in optics, as well as his entrepreneurial endeavors.

A Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University graduate, David William Sherrer first attended the university in 1988, where he received his Bachelor’s of Science in Physics and Philosophy. In 1993, Mr. Sherrer was accepted into Virginia Tech’s masters program, and three years later, earned his Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. It was during this time that Mr. Sherrer discovered his love of invention and engineering, spending much of his free time building Dye, N2, and YAG  lasers, rebuilding old vacuum depositions systems, and independentlyresearching various invention at Virginia Tech’s Newman Library. 

Shortly after graduation, David William Sherrer decided to pursue his love of invention and founded ACT MicroDevices Inc., a manufacturer of a thin-film based product for sensors, optoelectronics, and micro-optics. Over the next four years, ACT MicroDevices Inc. would add 35 engineers and technicians to its team and before being reincorporated as Haleos Inc. after raising venture capital. As Haleos’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Sherrer helped the company develop MEMS-based fiber optic components and assemblies as well as optoelectronics packing components for its large client base. Additionally, during this time Mr. Sherrer invented the Silicon Optical Bench platform, a celebrated benchtop apparatus used by scientists to study light phenomena to this day.

In 2002, Haleos announced the company was being acquired by Rohm and Hass Electronic Materials, a well-known manufacturer of advanced materials and chemistries used in electronics and construction. At Rohm and Hass, David Sherrer would work as Director of Product Development and Director of R&D for another six years. It was during these years that Sherrer would be recognized for his work in the corporate IP strategy team as well as his development of two major micro-fabricated products, Si-Pak, hermetic laser packages and PolyStrata – a microwave/mm-wave packaging platform.

However, in 2008, Mr. Sherrer would once again set off to build a nationally regarded company and would found  Nuvotronics Inc. later that same year. Since its foundation, Nuvotronics has grown into a multi-million dollar millimeter-wave entity, most known for its premier 3D microwave and mm-wave architecture, PolyStrata technology. In 2018, Nuvotronics Inc. received the NASA Small Business Innovation Research award for their proposal “Wafer-level Integration on PolyStrataInterposer.” The proposal, based on PolyStrata technology, described a robust wafer-level integration technology packaging technique. The technique would reduce the interconnect losses, improve thermal dissipation, and remove the need for wire bonds.

In 2008, David William Sherrer was asked to return to his alma mater and serve on the Semiconductor Advisory Board, MicrON Center of Virginia Tech. Mr. Sherrer was honored to accept the position and help develop various capabilities and opportunities for the Semiconductor and MEMS research center. David Sherrer recommends that any future engineers or business professionals, if given the chance, take the time to serve on an advisory board. While serving on the Semiconductor Advisory Board, Mr. Sherrer was able to meet many experts within the field and continue to grow his knowledge on a variety of engineering advancements. 

Over the years, David Sherrer has not only gained experience in optical engineering but as a business executive. Thus in 2019, Mr. Sherrer decided to create DavidSherrer.com, a professional business consulting practice designed to help companies of all sizes optimize performance and grow their businesses. Through his experiences managing businesses through various development stages, David Sherrer has helped clients strategize and create long-lasting solutions to both business and technical difficulties. In the past, David Sherrer has worked with clients and stakeholders through different business regarding research and development, product marketing, invention, patents, venture capital, as well as manufacturing. In the future, David William Sherrer hopes to continue to help growing businesses and work with start-ups on business development strategies. 

While it is clear that David Sherrer has worked long hours to build a successful career, he still believes in being proactive and investing in your local community. Since David Sherrer moved to Cocoa Beach in Fall of 2019, he sees, lives, plays, and explores the lagoon every day- it is his back yard.  David Sherrer discovered the lagoon is a special, unique, and irreplaceable natural resource and it is intimately tied to property value and quality of life in his city.

The BRL/IRL is the largest and most bio-diverse marine lagoon sanctuary in the United States – and it became clear to David Sherrer that it is in trouble after speaking with neighbors about algae blooms and continued loss of water clarity. Last year, he invested in multiple tools to measure dissolved oxygen, Ph, turbidity, salinity, ORP, and so on. In January 2021, David Sherrer experienced his first fish kill. It started with floating baby dead flounder, puffer fish, catfish and a half dozen other species in the lagoon. It was devastating to see so he began to measure the oxygen levels and saw the lagoon in his back yard was anoxic all the way to the surface as the result of the cyanobacteria bloom. He watched small schools of fish at the surface gasping for air, stone crabs crawled to the top of the dock poles to try to breath barely alive – thankfully he was able to help them out onto the dock. David Sherrer has done what he can to create a breathable sanctuary around his dock and has been aggressively monitoring the situation since it is more dire that he originally suspected. David Sherrer is actively seeking how to provide leadership by example – showing citizens what they can do to protect this precious resource and all the complex life in it. Subsequently, David was appointed to the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Citizen Oversight Committee. 

Within upcoming blog entries, David Sherrer hopes to discuss not only invention and engineering, but also various business and executive topics such as best business practices, performance optimization, and management techniques. Throughout his career, David Sherrer has helped many young engineers and entrepreneurs find their footing within the industry and hopes to continue to do this in the future. Additionally, as a Florida resident, David Sherrer hopes to continue raising awareness through transparency and open communication to sustain public

support for what will be a long, expensive, and tedious process of slowing the damage currently happening to the lagoon. David Sherrer believes we can turn the tide into the recovery of this precious resource. 

If you are interested in learning more about the career of David William Sherrer, the optics industry, entrepreneurial topics, or local efforts to save the lagoon please return to davidwilliamsherrer.com for frequent updates.

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